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The 3 Most Common Mistakes Made by Novice Stabilizers

1. No-load boot
The mobile phone must be installed before turning on the stabilizer. If you turn on the phone without installing a mobile phone, the gimbal will jitter abnormally and shut down automatically. After shooting, you also need to turn off the gimbal before removing your phone.

2. Boot without leveling
After installing the mobile phone, you must level it before using it. Correct leveling can effectively increase the endurance of the gimbal and avoid motor damage. Incorrect leveling can easily cause problems such as automatic shutdown of the gimbal, disconnection of Bluetooth, and fast power consumption.

3. Wrong use of shooting mode
The stabilizer has multiple shooting modes, and different shooting modes are suitable for different shooting scenes. Newbies with stabilizers are advised to learn relevant knowledge before using the equipment. Using the correct shooting mode can make the stabilizer reach its best state and help you create impressive videos.