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Stabilizer Buying Guide

Remember the following three points, so that you can quickly pick a stabilizer that suits you best!
1. Look at the carrying weight and size. Each stabilizer has a specified load-bearing weight and applicable size. Before buying, make sure that your mobile phone is within the applicable range, especially for super-sized mobile phones.

2. Confirm the main shooting requirements. If you often go out to shoot, it is recommended to choose a foldable style. It is more compact and easy to carry. If the phone needs to be equipped with a lens or other accessories, the gimbal motor should be stronger. For commercial shooting, in order to meet different needs, the functions should be more complete.

3. Confirm app compatibility. Different mobile phone models support different APP functions, especially Android phones. For the functions that you value very much, it is recommended to know in advance whether your mobile phone is compatible, such as Inception, Hitchcock or multi-lens photography, etc., so that you can choose the most suitable mobile phone stabilizer by knowing it in advance.