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Three Golden Rules for Shot Size Editing!

Reasonable editing will make your video look smoother, let us learn the three golden rules of shot size editing together!

NO.1 Do not connect adjacent shots. For example, in a close shot, the video picture is at the chest position of the character. If you switch to the close-up of the character immediately, the audience is likely to feel that the character suddenly "jumps" forward.

NO.2 Do not connect the two polar shots. For example, the editing method that connects the full shot and the close-up will make the screen switching too exaggerated, and it is not recommended to use it unless it is to create a special video atmosphere.

NO.3 The duration should match the shot sizes. The video information is simple in the close-up shot, so the duration is short, the space range in the long shot is large and the video information is rich, then the duration can be longer.